Every life, including our own, is precious to God.

Christians have always believed that in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth we see that God’s Love is stronger than anything, even death.

Even those who share such faith find that there is a real sense of loss at the death of a loved one. Jesus, you may recall, wept at the tomb of his friend Lazarus. (Have a look at Chapter 11 of St John’s Gospel to find out what happened next).

Even in our grief of losing a loved one, we want to mark and celebrate their life and that is why we have funerals in church.

Usually when a loved one dies, the first point of contact is the the Parish Office on whiddonparishes@hotmail or 01647 432265.

Our Ministry Team are happy to take the funeral service according to the rites of the Church of England, either at the crematorium or in church, of anyone who wishes, time allowing.

Because we want to celebrate the life of your loved one, we encourage a range of tributes, readings and music in the service.

Your loved one will be remembered on the Sundays before and after the funeral in church during the prayers and we are here for you in the months following.

The Parish Office will arrange an organist, offer Order of Service models and answer any questions you might have.

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