Holy Baptism & Thanksgivings for the Gift of a Child

Baptism is a wonderful milestone in a person’s life and journey with God. We welcome all who wish to be baptised. Sometimes, for some families, a Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child is more appropriate as they want to thank God for a child but aren’t able to make the promises which are required in a service of baptism.

Baptism is all about joining God’s family, and trusting him with our lives and our future. We believe that it’s important that other members of the church family are there to welcome the newly-baptised, be they an adult or a child, which is why baptisms always take place within our Sunday worship (‘services’).

There is no fee for a baptism. God’s gift of grace and new life is given to us freely.

We would love to meet with you to discuss a baptism for yourself or a member of your family. Please make contact in the first place with the Parish Office. One of our Ministry Team will then contact you to arrange a visit so they can get to know you, and discuss with you what baptism means and finalise arrangements.

Symbols used in the service underline what we as parents, godparents, family and friends are expressing.

  • Water – the stuff of life – washes us clean and nourishes us;
  • Oil with its healing properties makes us whole; and
  • Light emphasises that we are all children of light and on the side of good.

We would love to discuss either Baptism or a Thanksgiving with you – and all questions are welcome!

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